Earlier drawing of the Independence Day/ID4 alien suit drawing by Patrick Tatopoulos references the Henu Barque in the Bull Hall in the Temple of Ramesses II at Abydos by way of the Unicorn shipwreck ?

earlier sketch of the Alien's suit by Patrick Tatopoulos (source Internet)
for Independence Day  (1996)

a) Independence Day alien suit concept references the Henu Barque
On 20th April 2017, looking for a possible connection between the alien's biological suit for ID4 and the Henu Barque.

I came to have a realisation that the earlier design adapts shapes and forms from Henu Barque in the Bull Hall in the Temple of Ramesses II at Abydos (Era of Ramesses II, 1279–1213 BC)

bi) For this illustration, compare the arm positions with the curving frame frame, and the rope sticking out to left of the loop at the bottom.

c) Face becomes the tips of the fans. 

The row of birds are adapted into the rear frill of the alien suit. 

Questions about whether the front should be the back and vice versa with the fan as he head. 

Onxy horns become tentacles. 

Consider the hanging rope down the fan that connects with something to the right and the pipes hanging from the face of the creature

d) The top of head shows in the sketch the outline of something protruding from the head of the suit. 

When Tatopoulos designed helmets for the movie Stargate, he created them as pods that fitted over the heads of the people, with smaller heads representing the heads of the Egyptian mythological beings that they were based upon. 

Perhaps Tatopoulos was going along with the same idea earlier on in the design phase and then decided to take another direction as he completed the illustration, and we are left with a pointed top to the head without any other feature extending from the top.

e) The four pillars, if that's what they are, holding the barque become a feature transformed into the upward tentacles extending from the back of the suit. 

The tentacles might have been an idea discussed between Tatopoulos and the director, not because of the features of the Henu Barque, but perhaps the Martian Fighting Machine from the original War of The World's novel (which is something else that I compare to the Henu-Barque). 

One can think about the tentacles of Doctor Ock from Spiderman, and beyond that, the alien from the cover of the Aliens edition of Mad, where the alien has extending tentacles from the back. 

Of course as soon as the tentacles are stretched out in another direction, they would no longer conform to the structure of the Henu-Barque, but they do in this illustration.

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