Fisher Price Cot Activity Centre references
Tutenkhamun Desert Glass Pectoral?

leading from

a) Fisher Price Activity Centre from released in 1972 echoes Tutenkhamun Desert Glass Pectoral in the way that one can have all these intricate objects put together in a compact enjoyable form.

Instead of Egyptian mythology, the parts are bound together by children's nursery rhymes and stories.

b) The yellow scarab shaped jewel with its wings becom the Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall

b) The wings of the scarab also become the upper right disc to spin around. 

c) The cobra with the sun on top of its head transforms into a bean stalk with the bell above it on the left.

d) The ibis-headed moon-god Thoth, King Tut, and Ra-Harakhty are replaced by a Butcher, a Baker and a Candlestick Maker.

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