"Prometheus: Traces of "Tintin and the Shooting Star"

leading from

a) "Tintin and the Shooting Star" featured a story where the director of an observatory who is an elderly man organises a trip to find a meteor that has landed in the sea.

The director of the observatory with colleague

b) An elderly mad man who has been bothering Tintin earlier in the story with lunatic prophecies for the end of the world, turns up aboard the ship, hiding in the crows nest, and has to be taken off the ship by men in white coats from the local asylum.

The character Peter Weyland shows up aboard the Prometheus
towards the end of the film surrounded by his assistants, some
of whom are wearingwhite coats

c) For me its as if Peter Weyland might be considered to be a mixture of the lunatic madman who turns up on the ship without the crew's knowledge and the chairman of the Observatory who had organised the expedition

Tintin eats an apple, finds a maggot and throws the core way

d) Tintin reaching the meteor, has his lunch, and throws his apple core away, and there was a maggot in the apple.

One of the worms from Prometheus (from a cut scene) in the ampule room

e) He spends the night there and discovers that meteor has properties of a growth accelerant, the apple core turns into a huge tree, and the maggot turns into a very large flying insect that starts to bother the dog Milou/Snowy

f) Also a spider gets onto the meteor via Tintin's lunchbox and has turned into a giant spider that pursues Tintin, perhaps to make a meal of him, but gets crushed by a giant falling apple.

g) In Prometheus, the black stuff transforms worm like creatures in the ground of the ampule room into large ferocious snake like creatures that kills Millburn, and sprays its acid blood all over Fifield's helmet destroying it.

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