Jack Kirby's Flying serpent over Olympia
from #9 of The Eternals, (March 1977) as a Henu Barque?


leading from  

Flying serpent over Olympia. Double paged spread from #9 of The Eternals

a) A thought that I had might be that Kirby was communicating with Giger and sharing ideas. The subject of the Henu Barque in Surrealism came up since the interest in it shows up in Giger's work, and so Kirby felt inspired to turn the Henu Barque into a flying serpent

b) This creature here has ridges emanating from the eyes that running along the neck that resemble the depiction of the antelope/oryx skulls horns, it has three holes in the side of the body that might echo the form of the three rudders along with the loops beneath the barque being used to hold the barque down onto the sledge below.

c) At the tale, there is some architecture that appears to be a row of metal ribs and this might represent the fan that ought to be on the side of the head. So it would be as if Kirby switched some of the features around. 

Henu Barque from The Papyrus of Ani

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