Earlier stage of HR Giger's Evolution Chinoise

leading from

a) An earlier stage of HR Giger's Evolution Chinoise

Source: https://www.liveauctioneers.com

b) The main lower left figure with small shoulder wings develops a tentacle extending from the back of the head and the head is covered with a transparent covering

c) A body on the upper left appears to have a penis like organ and from that hangs a bulbous glass like form with a humanoid face within. The body has female breasts. Perhaps in its early stage of development, it seemed to be evolving like some form of hermaphrodite.

Giger makes the body female,  with its groinal area is made less penile , covered in shadow and the hips become more rounded. The breast are not seen in the final published image.

d) The ring around the shoulder transforms into a multitude of tendrils, and the arm is changed  to slant to the right with new details on the arm.

The mouth is given teeth as well.

e) Finale painting is seen below.

Giger's Evolution Chinoise 1981-1984 (work 562)
Giger seated on a bench.  Source: https://www.liveauctioneers.com

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