Alien Covenant : "Baby Neomorph spine out," concept art (2016) by Stephane Levallois.

leading from

a) Stephane Levallois drew this version of the Neomorph backburster showing it having erupted from the back of someone leaning on the table.

When I first saw it around December 21, 2017,perhaps I thought it looked like some sort of abstract Bakugan but then I realised that it appeared to reference Dali's portrait of Emilio Terry.

Ridley's response about the resulting drawing, "Good, but the creature, "plou petite...""
  1. Stephane Levallois: Ridley me dit "good, but the creature, "plou petite..." ( 29th September 2017)

Baby Neomorph spine out, concept art for Alien Covenant (2016) by Stephane Levallois

b) See: Comparison to Salvador Dali's Portrait of Mr Emilio Terry (unfinished) (1930)

c) References Moebius Untitled illustration from 2010 (taking into consideration that it too appears to reference the portrait of Emilio Terry)?

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