Cryogenic Containment Unit from Akira (approx 1985-86) Katsuhiro Otomo references the Henu Barque?

leading from

a) Hands and right arm become the hood like casing around where a group of pipes enter the chamber. The skirt becomes the light. The hair on the man's had turns into a grill

 b) Oryx head and plate with hole and pipes

c) Perhaps the pillars become the most significant three pipes rising from the top of the chamber. 

This is a very rough unspecific though. 

We might be asking about what happened to the three rudders from the barque as well.

Otomo has bunch of three in various forms, such as the group of curving pipes on the far right, very small groups of cables leading into the chamber at the top, including the row of lights at the very top. 

Being specific here might lead nowhere.

d)  Later this design is drawn with differences making not so specially connected to the Henu Barque idea 

(See: also Skullship by Sylvain Despretz for Superman Lives)

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