Alien 3: Dog Burster Paint Reference Prototype Head
original production material

Leading from

Spooky1: A production made paint reference ‘dog burster’ head from the set of the 1992 sci-fi action film Alien 3. The prototype head has the elongated design of the aliens seen in the film which has adapted to the small frame of the dog it inhabits. Made of fibreglass, the head has been painted an orangey brown color with the characteristic silver jutting teeth of the alien. The head would have been produced as a prototype and used as a reference by the art department for the versions used in the film. This piece was specifically made for use when an actual dog (a whippet) was to be used as the bambi burster that scurries away from the Rottweiler. A picture of this item is featured in 'CineFex' magazine issue #50. Now perhaps the favorite piece of my collection. COA from Propstore of London. (


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