Chagall's Icarus (1975) references
Frazetta's Man-Ape and Treasures of Satan

leading from

Chagall's Icarus (1975)
a) Looking also at what else what going on around year Man-Ape was published as the cover of the Conan The Barbarian book in the UK, I looked at Chagall's painting Icarus which I decided was another one of the paintings which I think references Treasures of Satan as well, and I noticed that it curiously reflected this Man-Ape painting as if seen in reverse, with its red trail in the centre transformed into the cloak and the sun on one side transformed into perhaps the shield on the wall. 

Jean Delville's "Treasures of Satan" (1894)

b) Meanwhile the Icarus figure stays the right way around, but his legs transform into Conan the Barbarian's outstretched arm and Icarus' arms turn into a leg going behind the ape's head, while the red glow remains on the right of the human's body. Looking at the time Icarus was painted, I would wonder if Chagall had taken note of Howard's composition in light of the Treasures of Satan connection.. 

Man Ape by Frank Frazetta (1967)

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