Cover of The Pink Panther #33 (April 1976)
referenced in HR Giger's Necronom V?


leading from

Pink Panther #33
(January 1976)
Published by Gold Key

a)  A motorcyclist over a car driver becomes abstractly transformed. 

First of all at the end of 2019, once I worked out that Ridley Scott had referenced this Pink Panther comic book cover when drawing the early storyboard featuring the sideview of the Space Jockey, I realised that Giger must have used it as well in his Necronom V painting.

Already I've noticed use of Pink Panther comic book covers in Necronom IV and how the biomechanoid from that seems to relate the Pink Panther itself.

 Giger's Necronom V (150x100 cm) (1976) (acrylic on paper)

a.i)  I found myself looking to make these comparisons but I didn't find myself able to make much sense of them. But it involves flipping the bike around

a.ii) Then female biomechanoid's curved head conform to the general idea of the VW Beetle's roof?  

If it did, the idea of where it should be in the painting didn't matter. 

One could look at the idea that her form is generally motorbike like with the long head as the petrol tank instead, but as large in relation to the picture at the VW Beetle's roof.

a.iii)  The ribbed seat of the motorbike become ribbing across the ribbing of the body on  passenger figure in the upper left .

Perhaps the ear becomes the eye on the joint of the leg like limb with a reptile's head becomes and the floating eyebrow becomes the reptile head

a.iv) However if the female biker was partially based on the form of a motorbike , then the rear wheel of the bike transform into the female motorcyclist's rear an so the exhaust pipe become the mechanical protrusion attached to her rear.

b.i) Later on the 7th January 2020, I came back to looking at this again, comparing the rear of the bike to the font of the long lead of the female biomechanoid rider character:

b.ii) The exhaust pipe become her mouth.

The bottom of the tire becomes the jaw line

The chaincase becomes the side of the neck 

b.iii) The ribbed pattern on the seat becomes the ribbing on the side of the femal motorcyclist.
The rear mudguard curve at the side of the front of the head

b.iv) Comparisons between the far sides of the pictures

Looking for comparisons here, we would look at how the panther becomes the small passenger character

The panther's head would become the small passenger's head turned around.

The sloping bar connecting with the front of the bike becomes the sloping back of the passenger.

The upper arm becomes its upper arm.

The wheel becomes the female rider's rear.

The mudguard becomes a piece of apparatus attached to the upper part of her rear

The rear windows and frames of the car become the leg with garters.

b.v) Comparisons between right sides of the pictures again from another perspective:

With that it might seem as if the legs of the panther become the upper arm of the biomechanoid rider,

The chain case becomes the lower arm,

The suspension spring becomes part of the ribbing of the tube ending with two heads

His lower back, rear and legs become the long head


  1. This article about the connection between Giger's Necronom V and the cover of Pink Panther #33 was posted on February 22nd 2018

  2. Updated article 10th of January 2020 adding various images comparing details