HR Giger's Biomechanical Landscape II (work 417) (1979)

HR Giger's Biomechanical Landscape II (work 417 referenced Pollock's "The Moon-Woman Cuts the Circle" merged with his Untitled (Bald Woman with Skeleton) and a comic book panel woman holding a long printout wrapped around Inspector Clouseau's head.

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Biomechanical Landscape II (work 417) (1979)

a. i) 17th of February 2016, looking at Giger's Biomechanical Landscape II (work 417),  I realised that continued with his exploration of Pollock's paintings, taking the untitled painting known as "Bald Woman with Skeleton" and merged it with "The Moon-Woman Cuts the Circle" turned upside down.
The bird skull has been merged with the long bow shape stretching from the lower left to the upper right that represents the woman's body stretching down to a leg.

Untitled (Bald Woman with Skeleton) (1938-194
a. ii) Here is the basic painting by itself with the bird skeleton, the crouching female behind and other humans bodies in the distance in a field filled with human faces

a. iii) Bird skeleton from Giger's painting and comparative area from Giger's painting going diagonally across the painting, with the bird's skeleton shown as a downward curving skeletal neck form in the lower right , which I will eventually be able highlight

a. iv) Pollock - The Moon-Woman Cuts the Circle (1942)

a. v) Pollock - The Moon-Woman Cuts the Circle (upside down)

a. vi) Pollock - The Moon-Woman Cuts the Circle next to Biomechanical Landscape II

a. vii) diagonal banana  or bow shape become the bird skull shape

a. viii) white bulge and comparative form in Giger's painting

b) Comparisons with panel from The Inspector and the Pink Panther # 16,

b. i) Sunday 4th of March 2018, having learnt about the Pink Panther connection with Giger's art I find myself looking through the pages of the comic book The Pink Panther # 16, and come to page 5 to find a delightful image of a computer printout with a list of arrestees and decided that Giger would have looked through the comic book, found this panel delightful and then later would incorporate it into a work.

The Inspector and Pink Panther # 16,  page 5 (August 1977)

b. ii) The part of the print out to the left of the woman's head becomes horizontal ribbing while her face and head outline become a complicated curving structure that can barely be described, but this has been merged with the white bulge from Pollock's The Moon-Woman Cuts the Circle

b. iii) The lower part of the print out as a downward curve forms becomes merged with the idea of the bird skeleton's neck from Pollock's Bald Woman with Skeleton. The woman's breast become a spiralling form to the right

c) See also: Aliens: Referenced in side view of the Alien Queen by Jim Cameron

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