Gainsborough's Mrs and Mrs Andrews (1748)

leading from

Gainsborough's painting shows signs of use of the Henu Barque configuration?  
a) The three rudders becoming the three trees on the right.

b) The white skirt of the crouching man becoming the white stockings .

c) The oryx head and horns become the man's head with tricorn, with the curve of the horns becoming the indentations in the side of the hat

d) The curve of the boat becomes the curve of the arm of the seat.

e) The beaded rope becoming the gun.

f) Perhaps the bulls horns becomes the stock of the gun and also the cows in distant field to the left.

g) The head of the lower left kestrel with accompanying shapes, becomes the shadow on the front of the man's jacket. .

h) Some of these are vague suggestions but more exploration of the painting is required (and attempts to not write this report in some form of pidgin English are being made, but this computer keyboard is not what it used to be and my brain ends up thinking backwards and inside out when working these things out)

Henu Barque from Papyrus of Ani
black and white image of the Henu Barque from the Papyrus of Ani 
(source: The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, The British Museum Press)

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