Untitled work by Roland Topor

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a) Realisation on March 11th, 2018, 
I decided to take a look at the French surrealist illustrator Roland Topor since he was someone that Alejandro Jodorowsky is known to have befriended in Paris. This artist created this Untitled piece in 1975. First of all I decided that it had a quality of something typical of artists who had done works based on transforming the Henu Barque in some way, but it wasn't so directly connected. I took a look at the paintings in the Treasures of Satan trail and realised that it shared connections with Paul Klee's "Carnival In The Mountains" from 1924. Once I worked that out, I realised that it also had qualities of Salvador Dali's "Portrait of Emilio Terry" from the 1930s

b) References Paul Klee's Carnival In The Mountains?
See: The treasures of Satan trail through 1920s

Paul Klee's Carnival in the mountains

b.i) The two paintings side by side

b.ii) Birds legs and boys legs

b.iii) Plant and hat deco

b.iv)  Figures and monster with ball

c) References Salvador Dali's Portrait of Emilio Terry?

c.i) The two paintings beside each other

c.ii) Left shoulder becomes the left human character, his collar becomes the monsters mouth and his head becomes the ball

c.iii) Spiral building sculpture becomes two pairs of legs

c.iv) Part of black statue become reptile arms and space between body and elbow become girls hand

c.v) Birds become bones

c.vi) Bird skull and book case become bird head and body. Perhaps the dark wall also becomes part of the birds body.

c.vii) Sculpture and space showing book shelves become fish creature

d) A reason for an Hergé connection in Dali's art around this time. 

"Dali était paraît-il un grand admirateur de Hergé. En 1959-60, ils se sont rencontrés lors d’un cocktail par l’intermédiaire du directeur et propriétaire de la célèbre agence de publicité bruxelloise VANYPECO. "
(translation: "Dali was apparently a great admirer of Hergé. In 1959-60, they met at a cocktail party through the director and owner of the famous Brussels advertising agency VANYPECO."  

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