Alien Covenant:
Heading towards Prometheus: Paradise Lost:
replaced by Jack Paglen whose script
is rewritten by Michael Green

leading from

By June 2013, the job was about to be handed over to Jack Paglen, scriptwriter for Transcendence was revealed writing the script for Prometheus 2 and then March 2014, it was revealed Michael Green who wrote the script for The Green Lantern was brought in to rewrite Paglen's script.
  1. Fox and Ridley Scott are getting closer to returning to space as Jack Paglen (“Transcendence”) is in talks to write the follow-up to last year’s sci-fi blockbuster, “Prometheus. ( June 17th 2013
  2. Transcendence scribe Jack Paglen is in negotiations to write the sequel to Fox and Ridley Scott's Prometheus.( June 17th 2013)
  3.  Multiple sources have told TheWrap that the “Untitled Ridley Scott Project” that 20th Century Fox announced it will release in March 2016 is “Prometheus 2,” although the film may not ultimately use that title. An insider told TheWrap that production is scheduled to start this fall, after Scott has delivered his Moses movie “Exodus” to Fox.“Prometheus” served as an ‘unofficial’ prequel to Scott’s seminal 1979 sci-fi movie “Alien,” and the sequel that Green will write aims to be much more “alien-y” and in line with the terrifying tone of past films in the franchise. Additionally, the sequel is expected to feature multiple ‘David’ androids, which means there will be more than one Michael Fassbender on screen at the same time, according to an individual familiar with the project.( March 24, 2014 )
Jean Giraud / Moebius homage to Gustave Dore, "La Rose Céleste"

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