Henri Matisse's Dance (1) (1909)

"Dance" (1) by Henri Martisse (1909)

Jean Delville's "Treasures of Satan" (1894)

a) As if Matisse took a suggestion of an outline of various shapes and forms that make up the picture and transformed them into this ring of humans.

b) The pile of naked bodies in Delville's painting become the space between the arms and legs of the bodies in this part of Matisse's painting.

c) In space in the curve of the zigzagging end of Satan's tentacle becomes the back of the hair of this woman with black hair.

d) The upper right woman's left leg appears to follow the path of the tentacle that crosses over furthest to the right.

e)  The two gaps in the wall of weed become the breasts of the dancing woman in the top right

f) Triangular area of weed at the left side becomes becomes the triangular space between the legs of the woman on the far left.

g) Dance overlaying Treasures of Satan

h) Dance made semi transparent, overlaying Treasures of Satan.

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  1. Posted my realisation about Matisse's Dance (1) referencing Jean Delville's Treasures of Satan on 1st April 2018