Echoes of Occator Crater in
Organic painting (1988) by Moebius

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Organic painting (1988) Moebius

a) Echoes of Occator Crater once again? If one is looking at the idea that this place somehow got into people's art since the 7th century Nativity Icon, and then possible echoes of it get into certain Jack Kirby's comic book drawing cityscapes and Giger's painting 'National Park", then it should have tapped Moebius on his head at some point and this illustration is a good a possibility. In a vague way they co-relate.

Occator Crater PIA19889, released, September 9, 2015

b) Two images together. I might like to think there's a giant relief of a seated woman with her hands open with the lit objects across her lap, as if she is sitting towards the right perhaps carved with a false perspective, and Moebius' illustration gives a sense of something with a similar three dimensional layout, seen from a similar angle. I'm happy to just allow this to be something that just came to Moebius as an abstract idea.

c) Vinilia Facula and its loose counterpart.


  d)  The vertical shaped belt of lights corresponds loosely to this T shaped form.

 e) The major T shaped light form on its side corresponds loosely to these details.

f) Cereialia Faculae and surrounding area with its loose counterpart.

g) Upper area with face and head veil like feature and its loose counterpart, however any possible translation would be very abstract to say the least

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  1. "Echoes of Occator Crater in Organic painting (1988)" by Moebius Posted 12th June 2018, although the connection was made on May 25th 2018.