N.Y. City XVII Crowley (1981)by HR Giger references References the cover of the Radio Times 28th June to 4th July 1980?

leading from

467 N.Y. City XVII Crowley 1981

a) The Radio Times cover reversed next to Giger's painting. The demon's face has become the Darth Vader like face. Peter Cushing's face has become a chalice like form at the bottom. A man and a woman with their heads next to each other become a face made up from two parts of faces

b) A diagonal pair of lines in the dark clouds become a ammunition arm band and a half invisible arm like form.

c) Demon's head becomes a Darth Vader like idol.

d) Peter Cushing becomes the Chalice.

e) Two faces become a face that appears to be two merged together.

f) The R of the Radio Times logo becomes the top of the tower like form with a rounded top.

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