Alien: Space Jockey Plaster Maquette

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"A Space Jockey maquette from Ridley Scott’s Academy Award®-winning sci-fi classic Alien. Dallas (Tom Skerritt), Kane (John Hurt) and Lambert (Veronica Cartwright) discovered a large fossilised alien creature while exploring an abandoned spacecraft on LV-426.

Referred to as the “Space Jockey” during the production, the Alien Engineer’s appearance was designed by H.R. Giger. The maquette would have been created as a concept model and shows the creature bonded to its pilot seat. Made of plaster, the piece displays intricate cast-in detailing fitting in with the production’s biomechanical aesthetic. The maquette shows minor wear and marks from use on production. Dimensions: 33 cm x 14 cm x 28 cm (13” x 5 ½” x 11”)



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