Alien: HR Giger's chestburster concept references World of Sport photos from TV Times, july 1969

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Giger's Chestburster stage II concept painting (work 368) (1978)

a.i) References s photo of Chris Craft racing at Brands Hatch for July 12th 1969 in the TV Times? 

On Wednesday 24th July Looking through the images posted on Twitter of the Radio and TV Times contents, I saw an image from the TV Times of what seemed to be a chain of racing cars and realised that it would have interested Giger, and then came to realise which image it matched up with his Chestburster concept painting.

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a.ii) Image reversed next to Giger's painting. The idea would be that Giger looked at it and felt satisfied by the sight of this chain of racing cars with their rounded shapes and wondered what he could do with it,

a.iii) The far left headlight becomes the creature's mouth and the right headlight becomes the pit of its arm

a.iv) A car in the distance becomes a piece of flesh held by the distant chest burster in its claw
The main car in this part of the photo becomes the width of the Chest burster seen in this picture. The headlight on the right becomes the inner part of the creature's arm on the right.

b.i) References s photo advertising racing from York for July 12th 1969 in the TV Times?

b.ii) Relevant parts next to each other.  

This chest burster is the one in the upper part of the painting

The heads of the jockeys in the background become the elbows of the creature, while the head of the ride in the foreground becomes the shoulder blade

b.iii) The whole page from the TV times

 (Image source Graeme Wood @woodg31 on Twitter)

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