Superman Lives: Sylvain Despretz' Skullship concept art references Chris Foss' Dune Guild Merchant Ship?

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Superman Lives: Sylvain Despretz' Skullship concept art for the unmade Superman Lives
a) Further thought with Chris Foss' Dune Guild Merchant Ship 
On 24th November 2017,  I find myself taking a look at Chris Foss' Dune Guild Merchant Ship, it's a well known drawing and Foss developed something like this as his Platypus ship design that he drew for as a concept art piece for the Leviathan in Alien.

This day I begin to imagine merging that with Sylvain Despretz' organic skull ship because the roof of the ship with its line running across it turn into the curved front jaws.

It wasn't until 25th November I suddenly worked out a Henu Barque connection and this Chris Foss ship. See: Alejandro Jodorowsky's Dune: Guild cargo ship by Chris Foss references the car rally scene in Hergé's "The Adventures of Tintin and the Red Sea Sharks".

Sylvain Despretz' Skullship (complete image but dark)

b) Then I suddenly think about the fact that this spaceship by Foss has a snake like mouth at the front, and Sylvain's spacecraft dimly visible in the darker image has another set of jaws lower down making the upper jaw seem almost like some sort of a tusk.

In the past I have had a few small online chats where we have agreed that the top of Foss' spacecraft seemed a bit like the arms of Giger's derelict ship, as if the side bulges were suddenly transformed into gaps in the side, making the rounded top of the craft seem to have the solidity of a something like a snake body or an elephant trunk.

Guild Cargo Ship by Chris Foss for Alejandro Jodorowsky's Dune (1975) , has been published in 21st Century Foss published in 1980

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