Shape of Water: Water tank concept art by Guillermo Del Toro references HR Giger's Necronom IIIa ?

leading from

concept drawing for the Fishman's water tank by Guillermo Del Toro

Necronom III a (1976) by HR Giger

a) The two images side by side with the Necronom III image reversed. 

Indeed, while the Giger painting appears to me to be a starting point, the final image of the water tank scene, appears to be a translation into something else but the origins in Necronom III look as if they can still be guessed for some.

b) The tip of the tusk in distance of the picture becomes a seat upon which someone sits,

c) The tusk in the centre becomes some sort of round box with the row of horizontal lines, beneath the piping while the pipes become redirected slightly. 

 d) The front of the face becomes a glass tank for the fishman.

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