Cover art of MAD magazine #242 (UK edition) references "Centre of the tombe" (1977) by Chris Foss for Alien (which I believe references both the cover of "The Inspector" #10 (July 1976) and the Betty Hill star map.)?

leading from 
a) One can look at the ribbing patterns and think about how they might have become the tennis net. One might think about the sloping edge of the shaft exterior as it comes down to the opening and think about that being extended to become the slope of the net

b) What looks like a stone representation of an antenna array might have become the upper part of the tennis player with the rectangular radar dish structure becoming his bent tennis racket and then again as his head with a headband.

c) The shadowy side of the sepulchre (which I think references the Inspector's stilt's) becomes the Umpire's chair

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