Alien: Evolution of Early Ridleygram of the rear of the space jockey seat (1978) for Alien by Ridley Scott via Dali's Autumnal Cannibalism and illustration publicising the Grand Prix movie in Radio Times from 1974?

leading from

a.i) References the 1974 Radio Times illustration for Grand Prix

a.ii) The two images side by side. 

A significant thing to point out would be the diagonal images of the racing car track and the Grand Prix title becoming the beam of light coming in from the from upper right to bottom left. 

The black smoke of crashed cars perhaps would become the black shadows in the distance

a.iii) The girl's head becomes the arm rest on the left and the goggles becomes the upper back of the seat.

a.iv) Pointing the details out further, the girls head and the nose of the man with the goggles in comparison to the equivalent areas in Ridley's drawing. 

There is also a horizontal line running across in the same area at the bottom

a.v) The peak of the crash helmet becomes a general curved line extending from back rest to the telescope.

Perhaps the black curves along the top of the helmet becma epart of the ribbing on the left side of the telescope like thing Racing car mechanics become the explorers

b.i)  References Autumnal Cannibalism by Salvador Dali (1936)?

Autumnal Cannibalism by Salvador Dali (1936)

b.ii) The two images side by side

b.iii) Central upper part of the painting and the back of the seat

b.iv) The interlocking heads become the upper part of the back of the chair beneath the bifurcated head rest like formation. 

Perhaps a crutch sets off the idea of a chair back support

b.v) The lower right side of painting and the comparable area. The stocking becomes the left astronaut and the curving line beneath him

b.vii)  Flesh draped over a piece of brown cloth hanging over the side of the drawer become details on the wall.

b.viii) The right hand becomes the right arm rest

b.ix) The left hand becomes the left arm rest

c. Grand Prix illustration references Salvador Dali's Autumnal Cannibalism?
Of course the illustrator of the Grand Prix image created it with the idea of incorporating imagery from the film set in the real world rather than have a free hand at just reinterpreting a Dali painting. 

Thus he faced restrictions

c.i)  Here the upper part of the stocking becomes the flag and its pole , while the lower end of the stocking becomes a mechanic. 

The slant of the cupboard becomes the slant of the Grand Prix logo.

c.ii)  It would be as if the flap of flesh became the racing cars, and the knife blade became the bottom of the dark curve representing the lower part of the curve of track

c.iv)  So here the hand holding the fork becomes the girl's head, rock in the background becomes the burning car smoke, while the two interlocked heads becomes the crash helmet.

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