Alien: Evolution of Early Ridleygram of the side view of the Space Jockey (1978) by Ridley Scott references cover of The Pink Panther #33 (January 1976)

leading from

a) Cover of The Pink Panther #33 (January 1976)

b) Ridleygram of the Sideview of the Space Jockey

c) The gas/petrol tank becomes the head while the front mudguard becomes the tendril at the back of the head.

The wheel becomes the ground form of the buttocks like top of the back rest, while the bar sloping from the top of the front wheel down to the foot pedal becomes the slant of the back rest.

d) The movement trail of the motorbike becomes the slope of the front of the chair as well as the general position of the Space Jockey's torso.

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