HR Giger: Biomechanical Landscape I (1984-1986) (work 583) references Fire Engines Scene from #16 of The Eternals

leading from
Jack Kirby 

a) Giger's biomechanic landscape I (1984-1986) (work 583)

Giger's biomechanic landscape I (1984-1986) (work 583)

b) A scene from The Eternals featuring fire engines rushing along side each other down a wide road, become biomechanised as a biomechanic landscape.

Fire engine scene from The Eternals #16, October, 1977

c) The fire engine on the central left with the fireman standing on the back becomes the centre of the painting.

All the lines representing speed behind the fire engines become solid forms, the firemen's hats become merged or absorbed into with the biomechanic structure.

The roof of the fire engine becomes transformed into bridges stretching across the central trench like form.

d) Identifying biomechanised details
The fireman's hat becomes merged with the cabin of the fire engine on the right, becoming one elongated biomechanic formation.

The fixtures sticking out of the top of the roof with the line connecting them become parts of the merged as features in the organic growth. 

e) Details on the lower right
The long rods on the roof of the central right fire engine serve as a line to cut into the surface of the biomechanised version of it to reveal the ribbing inside.

The fireman's hat seen in the detail becomes merged with the vehicle, conforming to the shape of a wall in the Giedi Prime environment.

d) Details on the lower left
On the right, another fireman's hat stretches and merges with a fireengine.

The cylindrical shapes in the back become the large ribbed pipe.

The structures on the side of the vehicle, perhaps along with the wheel and the badge on emblem on the front of the upper fireman's hat becomes ribbing with tubular openings.

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