Alien Covenant: Stephan Levallois' Baby Neomorph

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a) Baby Neomorph's body, 30th October 2015

Stephane Levallois' Baby Neomorph's body,, 30th October 2015, (Art station)

  1. Stephane Levallois: My design for the baby neomorph for Alien Covenant (Art station)

b) Baby Neomorph Study,  30th October 2015

 Stephane Lavallois' Baby Neomorph Study 30th October 2015
(Source: September 27, 2017

c) Carlos Huante wondered where the idea came from the give his neomorph an anus mouth, since he didn't seem to know and was not very happy about it.

But the truth should be told that it came from Stephane Levallois and he was very proud that Ridley bought his concept for this thing even if it was little visible in the final movie

  1. Stephane Levallois : très fier que Ridley Scott ai acheté mon concept d'anus-bouche pour le neomorph même si il est peu visible dans le film....  (Translation: Very proud that Ridley Scott bought my concept of anus-mouth for the neomorph even if it is little visible in the movie.... ( 27, 2017
  2. Stephane Levallois: my idea of the anus-mouth for the baby noemorph...  (Art station)

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