Jack Kirby's sky demon from #4 (Published July 1978) references The Umbrellas (ca. 1881-86) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir?

 leading from

a) Jack Kirby's alien sky demon from #4 of Devil Dinosaur (1978)

b)  The Umbrellas (ca. 1881-86) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir?

 c) Umbrells on the left of the painting becomes the left clawed arm of the dark beast.

d) The blue dress of the woman behind the basket becomes the right arm of the beast

e) The woman's upper arms become the small back legs of the creature

 f) The umbrellas becomes the upper part of the demon beast's head

g) Back of the woman's dark blue upper garment becomes the lower jaw, and here the girl's pale pink bonnet becomes the empty deep pink space between the lower and upper jaw, while the umbrella becomes the upper mouth

h)  The little girl with her hoop becomes the apeman riding the back of the devil dinosaur while the hat of the taller girl becomes a distant pale pink cosmic smudge with two black circles inside

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