Cover art for Clive Barker's Books of Blood vol 1 (Published 1988) references 'Fall of the Damned' (1450 approx) by Dieric Bouts?

 leading from
a) Cover art for Clive Barker's Books of Blood vol 1 (Published 1988)

b)  'Fall of the Damned' (1450 approx) DIERIC BOUTS (1415c-1475).

c)  Comparable area 1: Lower left
c.i) Open jaws of an animal become the open jaws of a humanoid entity
c.ii ) An upper leg becomes the half raised lower half of a humanoid entity
c.iii) The bare back of a man becomes a hand with long fingers
d) Comparable area 2: Centre

d.i) Buttocks become the elbow 



d.ii) Bent over forwards back of man becomes the stomach area

d.iii) Man's back becomes a stomach
d.iv) Raised arms becomes a horned demon. 
Perhaps the little eyes become the eyes of the creature but not because of the way he's placed.

A head below becomes its green hand


 e) Comparable area 3: Mid left

e.i) Demon's head becomes an upward looking head 
 e.ii) The bat like head's eyes become the man's eyes

e.iii) The feet become the smoke

e.iv) The rock becomes a ghostly human

f) Comparable area 4. Upper middle and left

f.i) Smoking towers become a pylon

f.ii) Rocks and flying demon become clouds of smoke

g) Comparable area 4; Upper right

f.i) Burning buildings become burning hair
f.ii)  Bat winged demon becomes winged entity in the distance

f.iii) Raised rear of a human becomes the big bald head of another human

g) Comparable area 5 

g.i) Woman's face becomes a photograph of Clive Barker
g.ii) Rocks become humanoid heads

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