"Defiance" alien (from around 2015?) Tristan Jones references references 'Fall of the Damned' (1450 approx) by Dieric Bouts?

a) "Defiance" alien (from around 2015?) by Tristan Jones

b)  'Fall of the Damned' (1450 approx) by Dieric Bouts


c) Area outlined of the areas in the Bouts painting that are transformed into Tristan Jones alien beast. 

It's almost pointless trying to describe the comparisons in words without adding in an outline because even I can barely reason with what I think I'm looking at in my attempt to compare the two here after a period of time .




e) Right arm and leg area





f) Head and ribcage area with shoulder

g) Left leg and arm and hand area

h)  Interesting detail to compare: Comparable area on right of head with tiny little eyes and their equivalent on the side of the alien beast's head




i) Interesting detail to compare: Tailed demon that becomes upper left leg with the tail becoming the left part of the groin

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