Giger inspired by
Saint Stephen's Catacombs, Vienna

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When Giger came to visit the catacombs at St Stephens in Vienna back in 1960 when he was 20, they had an impact on him. He used to visit them frequently and found them to be a strong inspiration . He was impressed by the old masonry and the strong musty smell.

Coffins of the Hapsburg.
Crypt of the Stephansdom cathedral, Austria 

Coffins of the Hapsburg.
Crypt of the Stephansdom cathedral, Austria

Bone landscape in St Stevens Catacombs

Bone landscape in the catacombs
Bone landscapes in St Stevens Catacombs (alternate shot of the above)

    Source Quotes
  1. Interviewer: Would you like to own your own Giger bar in Vienna?
    HR Giger: Yes, yes, that would be great. I already do have one in my museum in Gruyères. We've been running this bar for three years now. It looks just great which I'm happy about. I recommend everyone to visit this bar. Vienna would benefit a lot from it. Here I saw one of those cellars for the very first time. Decorated with vault

    Interviewer: You mean the catacombs?

    Giger: Yes, yes, exactly, the catacombs. This was another strong inspiration.Back then I think it was around 1960 when I entered the St. Stephen's Cathedral visiting the catacombs down there, They had quite an impact on me. (Mulatschag http://okto.tv
  2. HR Giger: The catacombs are wonderful. Back then when i cam to Vienna for the very first time - I was about 20. I used to visit them frequently, very impressing. This... urban basement. I was tremendously impressed by the old masonry and this strong musty smell.
    I used to live in the countryside. I lived in Chur, a small town. At first I intended to move to Zurich. My next destination should be Vienna and then they said there is something even more tremendous than Vienna, that would be Prague. Sorry. That would be my type. But shortly we went to Prague together. Beautiful, I had an exhibition there. It was quit an experience.
    (HR Giger Träume Und Visionen,

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