Giger's Landscape XVI: Work 209

leading from
Landscape XVI painted in 1972
a) Residual traces of the Cybermen
If Giger's painting  Aleph, work 210 shows signs of transformed Curse of Peladon's extraterrestrials, I might go back to this painting work 209, Landscape XVI painted in 1972 and suggest that this painting takes inspiration from side bars on the heads of the Cybermen.  Perhaps other shapes from the head have abstractly been turned into the strange architecture here. The last time that the Cybermen made an appearance in Doctor Who before this painting was created was in 1968.

Cyberman from Doctor Who : The Invasion (2 November to 21 December 1968)
b) Another starting point was Landscape XV
The rest of the head in that case becomes broken up and fragmented in the visionary landscape abstractly also conforming to the human forms involved in an orgy in his painting Landscape XV (work208), the figures have been replaced by rigid semi-architectural forms with skull and various mutant features. The head and the arm of the human on the left become perhaps transformed into the side bar  of the Cyberman's helmet.

Landscape XV (work208) 1972-1973

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