HR Giger's Art: Thoughts about the cover from The Pink Panther #11

The Pink Panther #11
(March 1973)

Published by Gold Key
a) It might have inspired Giger very generally, with the idea of the character's body mimicking technology such as his tail becoming like the shooting stick seat that Inspector Clouseau sits upon

b) Perhaps one can look at this image as a variation on Dali's crutches and we can look at a curious image from 1972 that Dali drew that ought to have gained Giger's attention, the image of Nefertiti as a kneeling female body with a head with an extended cranium but a skull for a face, with the back of the cranium supported by a typical Dalinian crutch.

c) Meanwhile loosely it's as if the triangular breasts of the Nefertiti have extended to the width of her kneeling legs to become the triangular tail and her body has been turned around to become the panther. With that it's expected that Giger would have been looking for the connections since Dali's image would have been considered sacred

Nefertiti (1972) and Pink Panther (1973)

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