HR GIger: The Spell I :
Incorporating the Pantheistic winged Bes

 Leading from
Giger's The Spell I 

Pantheistic winged Bes at the Walters art museum

The horizontal part of this cross shape is also the wings of the pantheistic Bes.

detail of panetheistic winged Bes figure

The Spell I (detail)
a ) Between the two eyeless faces, is the remnant of an impression of an animal face the perhaps is inspired by the head of a jackel

b ) Either side are two vague small humanoid figures and perhaps perhaps Giger has transformed into dwarfs fused to the side. Perhaps the sun at the very top has been transformed into the skull at the top of Giger's painting that ought to have come from something near enough to an Andreas Vesalius drawing. This entity also has horns that partially inspire the idea of the raised hands

The Spell I (detail)

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