HR Giger's Mordor V: The Nommo from the Sirius star system

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a) Discovering Nommo imagery
26th of January 2016: I had been looking for something further in the painting, a sort of crux of the whole painting. I wondered if this was a piece of furniture somewhere in there or was it an oveal dressing table mirror with a frame,  I noticed a limb towards the right centre that reminded me of a flipper. I wondered if this was supposed to be a turtle in there or a penguin and I really couldn't see anything but then I had another thought, depictions of the Nommo from Sirius who supposedly visited the Dogon of Mali and were supposedly a race of amphibious extra-terrestrials resembling perhaps fish. Giger's painting was completed in 1975.  Robert Temple released his book The Sirius Mystery in 1976, and an essay Essai sur la cosmogonie des Dogon : l'arche du Nommo by R. Laffont, came out in 1975

detail from Dogon drawing and detail from Giger's painting

creature's whiskers in Dogon drawing and pattern in frill
b) Looking at the images, there was a male Nommo depiction a female and an archetype. The shape of the right of the body was there, and the  right flipper was right, the orifice at the front was there as an oval.  The spine pattern  running along the centre of the entity and the lower right flipper had turned into one of the string wrapped black puddings In the frill above the dumpling shape, the were patterns comparable to the whiskers coming out of the top of the head. However the drawings of the Nommo are assumed to be inspired by African catfish, so perhaps this extra-terrestrial creature ought to have a catfish head 

Male Nommo

African Catfish illustration (Source:

African catfish (

c) Meanwhile the image of floating horned puffed face creature displayed disturbing similarities to the more well know so-called Nommo archetype image.  The ovals in the Dogon drawings have become the pustule like eyes in Giger's image. The rounded W shaped line beneath the ovals can be found as lines around Giger's features eyes, and also presented again as the buttocks shape of the face, and the a hole along the spine beneath the W becomes the anal mouth, perhaps as if it's a blowhole as found in a whale. The whiskers at the top have been allowed to turn into horns on Giger's creature.

strange head from Mordor V



    1. Well, I haven't had any discussions on the subject, people out there might be thinking all kinds of things, but I suppose the symbol looks near enough like a catfish to me, and then the slanting lines of the head area remind me of a 20th century rocket capsule shape. So I might wonder what degree the Dogon's really thought that the symbols actually looked physically like the Nommo themselves. There're also some images of sculptural figure representations of Nommo that look nothing like the symbols.

    2. I'd like to share something with you that you will probably find interesting. Giger's artwork got my attention because it was familiar to me. I recognized the primordial looking architecture, and how it seemed to fuse with life, as if technology and life are one.. It came to me in dreams.. The more I investigate others who have experienced this, the more I believe it's real and that that consciousness doesn't originate in the body and that there other dimensions of space all around us. Lovecraft was also haunted by them, but there are more than just the Nommo, and the other deep ones.. If you look hard enough, you'll also find them in Arthurian legend, and other places throughout history.

      When I'd looked into the story behind his artwork, I was intrigued. He was never very open about it, but he's mentioned it here and there, and it's explained heavily in an old computer game called "Dark Seed," though unless you've ever heard him speak of his personal experiences, you'd never know how personal so many aspects of the story of that game were.

      Something I also found very interesting was in my research, I came across the story of a man who supposedly worked at Area 51 who blew the whistle after managing to smuggle out a copy of a tape, on it, an "alien" interview. Part of the information he gave was that these creatures do not consider technology or bodies to be different, but that they understand matter as all coming from the same physical source, that it can house consciousness, and they view bodies as machines, which is evidence for their "alien" seeming treatment of ours. It also lends itself heavily to how Giger expresses his artwork- very biomechanical, as if life and technology are one.. It also lends itself to why I felt that the ship I found myself in, in my experience, was "alive." Remember, earlier, how I'd mentioned that?.. John Lear said the same thing.. A cargo pilot who worked for the CIA. He also mentioned that they needed to use electromagnetic fields to keep them from literally phasing out of this dimension, or through others.. They understand physics in a much higher capacity, which is probably why they can remove consciousness from the body, or perhaps shift ours in to a different state? I'm not exactly sure how the mechanics work..
      Every day, more and more, my understanding of these experiences builds, and the more I am able to cross reference notable features of my experiences and others experiences with "alien abduction," the more convinced I become that we leave our bodies when we sleep in some capacity, that we become conscious of other aspects of shared space, and that death of the body does not entail death of the consciousness. These lives, we experience them for some reason.. I think bodies are like antennae meant to pick up consciousness around it, and that we can also "arc" from our bodies much like electricity jumps from sources to others.. I find that consciousness can even meld with others in these spaces, and super-positional shared consciousness happens that is hard to explain here.. I've had it happen in some of my dreams. Like being two people at once..

    3. People often report a feature of abductions being that their body was left behind, and that they'd felt a shift in how reality was being experienced as it happened. What if these beings have some grasp of physics that is so advanced, that they can exist in multiple places at once, or even shift the state of their matter?

      In my experience, I was already asleep, but my dream suddenly took on a lucid, vivid state, as if interrupted. Suddenly I found myself standing at a fountain I attended regularly, and from the sky, a silver orb descended.. The orb opens, and from it, two fishlike creatures emerge in to the fountain waters.. They greet me briefly, before I'm transported inside of this orb, which is somehow MUCH bigger on the inside, yet another similarity others seem to experience.. It's somehow in space already, and we're looking down at the Earth.. They're showing me northern Africa.. There was this intense feeling of love... It was all very overwhelming.

      My investigations that started because of this experience, and the experiences to follow, lead me to a lot of different sources.. A quick mention of the "ant people" from native mythology.. I obviously found my way to old Mesopotamian history as well. Lovecraft lead me in that direction originally, as he and Giger were the first ones I attributed the experience to sharing similarity with, in their expression of it.. They were the first for me to recall from the memory banks to begin my search for answers.. When I found they were experiencing this in dreams too is when I realized something was going on, especially when I dug deeper ended up linking "Dagon" to Dagan, the God from Mesopotamian history, and started looking into their beliefs..

      Lovecraft likely found his way to this history himself when digging through literature for something to explain his strange haunting dreams and their odd difference from other dreams.. Giger as well felt so haunted and compelled that he had to find an outlet.. So eventually this of course lead me to Dogon history, Credo Mutwa, and his retellings of the history and "mythology." When I heard him talk of the Nommo coming in a silver orb, my jaw almost hit the floor, and LATELY I have been ABSOLUTELY OVERWHELMED with excitement at the videos being released by people of silver orbs flying around in the air.. These are only small transport ships. Even the government released footage of one.. I'm not sure if posting links here will get this comment filtered, but it's not hard to find this footage. It was filmed in the middle east.

    4. Now we're finding that these craft are coming from under the water, and not from space.. Coincidence? I think not.

      Agartha is real, but flat Earth is not. Get ready. I don't think they're happy about what we've done with the technology of theirs that we've accumulated since Atlantean times. We may be looking at another war, soon. They didn't treat the Egyptians very nicely either, so we'd better watch our step.. Word on the street is, nukes are the only thing holding them back, and they're the real reason why we haven't seen nuclear disarmament, as well as why government and military whistleblowers tell stories of them shutting down nuclear missile silos, (and probably why they started showing up in droves after America bombed Japan,) and is likely why the US and the rich of the world seem keen on the whole New World Order idea, as well as why the international intelligence community has Antarctica on lockdown. I think they're trying to establish some kind of agreement about how the world is to operate if we're to continue on without a war between our two species.

      This is my hypothesis, and could you believe it? There's talk of disclosure coming in 2027, which is what lead to this thread I came across recently that Google filtered (courtesy of Gibiru's censorship bypassing feature) where the poster was speaking of how he was cleared for information on beings who are related to Cephalopods from inside the Earth who wound up there after a collision with something from outer space left us with a moon, and how they'd set up base underground, and how their bodies require extreme pressure (which is why they wear the suits that look like what we know as "Grays," it's a living technology, a body they created to explore above, probably why the being in the Victor video was explained to be communicating that they see bodies as "vessels," and again, why I felt that the ship in my "dream" was alive..)

      Call me kooky but I had to share. I have so much more I could share but if I were to go on, I'd end up writing a book in the comments section.

      The future is going to be exciting.

  2. who exactly drew the nommo archetype images?