HR Giger's Mordor V: The Nommo from the Sirius star system

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a) Discovering Nommo imagery
26th of January 2016: I had been looking for something further in the painting, a sort of crux of the whole painting. I wondered if this was a piece of furniture somewhere in there or was it an oveal dressing table mirror with a frame,  I noticed a limb towards the right centre that reminded me of a flipper. I wondered if this was supposed to be a turtle in there or a penguin and I really couldn't see anything but then I had another thought, depictions of the Nommo from Sirius who supposedly visited the Dogon of Mali and were supposedly a race of amphibious extra-terrestrials resembling perhaps fish. Giger's painting was completed in 1975.  Robert Temple released his book The Sirius Mystery in 1976, and an essay Essai sur la cosmogonie des Dogon : l'arche du Nommo by R. Laffont, came out in 1975

detail from Dogon drawing and detail from Giger's painting

creature's whiskers in Dogon drawing and pattern in frill
b) Looking at the images, there was a male Nommo depiction a female and an archetype. The shape of the right of the body was there, and the  right flipper was right, the orifice at the front was there as an oval.  The spine pattern  running along the centre of the entity and the lower right flipper had turned into one of the string wrapped black puddings In the frill above the dumpling shape, the were patterns comparable to the whiskers coming out of the top of the head. However the drawings of the Nommo are assumed to be inspired by African catfish, so perhaps this extra-terrestrial creature ought to have a catfish head 

Male Nommo

African Catfish illustration (Source:

African catfish (

c) Meanwhile the image of floating horned puffed face creature displayed disturbing similarities to the more well know so-called Nommo archetype image.  The ovals in the Dogon drawings have become the pustule like eyes in Giger's image. The rounded W shaped line beneath the ovals can be found as lines around Giger's features eyes, and also presented again as the buttocks shape of the face, and the a hole along the spine beneath the W becomes the anal mouth, perhaps as if it's a blowhole as found in a whale. The whiskers at the top have been allowed to turn into horns on Giger's creature.

strange head from Mordor V

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