Giger's Mordor VI references the structure of
Gleeson's The Nerve Garden ?

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14th April 2016. I took a look at Gleeson's older work and had noticed the significance of his painting The Nerve Garden from 1946, and then realised that it's structure seemed to resemble elements of the structure of Mordor VI. So it looks as if Gleeson painted Nerve Garden, then Giger painted Mordor VI based on that and then Gleeson painted his Cape Carnivoral based on Mordor VI, which is actually quite interesting to think about in terms of the surrealist art.

If someone claims that Gleeson's Cape Carnivoral ripped off Giger, then really Gleeson had every right to in this case, but what they were doing with one another's work warrants merit.

The Nerve Garden (1946) by James Gleeson

Mordor VI
passage through the rock and the light beyond from The Nerve Garden and the white eyes in Giger's Mordor VI
Vertical rock structure to the far left of The Nerve Garden and the staff from Giger's Mordor VI

A face in a space within a tall rock structure with a rock horizontally placed between that and another rock is transformed by Giger into the head of the Bishop-Fish
head and seaweed tendril from Nerve Garden and influences the head and tentacle like body of Mordor VI
bird like rock formation from The Nerve Garden and the snake like string tied black sausage from Mordor VI entering hole
nerve garden detail with bird like rock formation and mordor vi detail with tentacle around throat
gap between rocks in The Nerve Garden and naked body in Mordor VI

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