HR Giger's Lord of the Rings II (1975)
references Max Ernst's Eye of Silence (1943-44)
by way of J G Ballard's Crystal World? (1966)

leading from

a) Based on the fact that Giger was a J G Ballard fan,  he would have referenced some of Ballard's work in various ways in his paintings. One might assume that he referenced ideas from the novels in his work or perhaps the covers of some of the books in a similar way that he would come to reference Tomita album covers in his work. But I'm led to understand that it wouldn't be so easy to say how Ballard's novels got into Giger's paintings. On the 16th November 2016, I make a connection between Giger's art and a Ballard book cover.

Max Ernst's The Eye of Silence
b) Since there have been a number of covers to choose from for the various books, he might have decided to base paintings on covers he liked rather than just any old cover. Looking for covers reveals an interesting Max Ernst painting called Eye of Silence used for the 1968 edition of Ballard's The Crystal World.

Lord of the Rings II (1975)
c) I'm wondering what the Giger painting could have been and about formations in Lord of the Ring II by Giger from 1975. The strange green painting features a giant tumerous formation that's merged with something that looks like an engine or a complicated brass instrument, surrounded by pipe covered cliff faces. Apart from the greenness and odd cutaway gapes at the top of the rock face, starting to notice slightest similarities so slight that one might as well forget about making any comparison between the two. Still, the vague similarities can be appreciated.

d) vague similarity in a vague suggestion of a profile of a face with another profile of a face above it.

e) reclining female in red dress in Ernst's painting and the Giger version of this.

J G Ballard The Crystal World (Panther edition)

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