Micronauts toys referenced in Giger's art and Alien?

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a) For western society, the Micronauts would be a new form of science fiction character toys where the parts could be switched around and change function, based on the Japanese company Takara's Microman toy range introduced in 1974. 

I can not say whether Giger was shown images of these things or a friend of his collected them rather than expecting him to have collected them personally, but traces of these toys have turned up in Necronom series of paintings and the Alien designs none the less.

See: http://www.microforever.com/

b) Stratastation referenced in Necronom II ?




c) Biotron referenced in Necronom III?

d) Mobile Exploration Lab referenced in Necronom IV ? 



j) Alien Monster III (work 409) (1978) by HR Giger references Micronauts photo for Dutch department store catalogue from 1979 (presuming that Giger saw a preview of the photo) ?

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