Necronom IV references th Microtron
(of the Micronauts toy range) (1976) Mego.


a) Microtron (of the Micronauts toy range) (1976) Mego. 

 Giger's Necronom V (150x100 cm) (1976) (acrylic on paper)

b) The box showing the various transformative aspects of the toy, by switching various parts around.
This reveals how the top figure that refernces the Maoi Kava-Kava becomes like the micronaut action figure sitting on the microtron head converted into a seat.

c) The microtron toy becomes the female character with the elongated head head that has references the Pacal Votan tomb lid character, and the phallic appendage on the front of the robot becomes the horn like breast.

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