HR Giger's Biomechanical Landscape (work 312) (1976)
references Australian cave art?

HR Giger's Biomechanical Landscape (work 312)
acrylic on paper on wood (200cm x 140cm)
a) Possible inspiration from Australian cave art?
5th March 2016, I suddenly noticed the strange images from the ancient Kimberley cave art in Western Australia showing humanoids with hands almost interlinking but not quite as if part of a pattern in a similar way as shown in Giger's painting or even as if some sort of symbolic hand gesture

The right figure in place of a hand on the far right has a curving ribbed like form, and some of the heads in Giger's painting have similar structures around their heads, sometimes as their rib cages, and other times as excess ribbing connecting other parts of the machinery.  The Bradshaw caves containing the Zigzag devil that appears to have inspired Jean Delville the Belgian symbolist are also in Kimberley. (See also Delville's Treasures of Satan)

b) Further Explorations: 1st June 2016
Other examples of Kimberley cave that might have been referenced in the painting. 

It might well be debatable, but the angles of legs positions in the image directly below reflect impressions in Giger's paintings

Dancing Bradshaw caves figures (

This lower image would  not be directly referenced but would just contribute to the flow of thoughts being part of the same general group of images in the same style. Still, one can take notice of the  bow shapd structure in the hand of the bottom right character becomes the sort of thing transformed into the ribs seen throughout Giger's picture.
Dancing Bradshaw caves figures (

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