Giger's Necronom II references Mickey Mouse?

leading from 
Giger's Necronom II
Walt Disney

Necronom II (work 301)
a)  Realisation on 25th of November 2016
Suddenly realised when someone posted a Alien fan art painting that had nothing to do with Mickey Mouse but something awful about the back end of the side piping and the way it curved reminded me of Mickey Mouse's ear and it began to set off the connection to be made in my brain, the less I have to say about this, the I would have to bad mouth other people's fan art and other people's appreciation of it, and indeed there is someone's well known rendition of Giger's Necronom IV as a Mickey Mouse and a couple of Mickey Mouses as an Alien to be found elsewhere on the web 
Micky Mouse

b)  Finding Mickey within
Another aspect of Necronom II to consider. Its possible relationship to the face of Mickey Mouse.

The pink area of his upper face in Necronom II in this case would be painted over and the outline left as ribbed tentacles or whatever.

So it appears also that Giger does tend to include Disney characters in some of his paintings in a transformed or even bastardised state. 
Mickey Mouse from a post card sold around the 1960s to 70s


c) The man in a suit Mickey
Taking that to another level, we might consider the Mickey Mouse costume from a postcard sold around the 1960s and 70s and the outstretched hands with white gloves being transformed into penis tongues, and the cheeks that obscure the performers shoulders being turned into something near enough bird head like forms either side of the central jaws.  Perhaps the tips of those penises are both the ears of Mickey Mouse.

And still one can compare the tongue phalluses and those bird head to the positions of the sun discs above the snake heads in the Tutenkhamun "desert glass" pectoral. 

assembled from merging Giger's Necronom II with parts of
photos of performers dressed as Mickey Mouse

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