Into the Oscar Wilderness with
Giger's Biomechanical Landscape II

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Biomechanical landscape ii
a) Into the Oscar Wilderness
17th November 2015. This strange painting showing various strange shapes in a tall room. One thing to point out is that this painting shows elements of an abstracted human face that Giger might have broken up into various shapes but there isn't a face to actually recognise although I would like to perhaps look for the features of Oscar Wilde and not really find them, although there's a similar jaw line, and the front of the hair brushed down to the left of the eyes has become a condom, he has abstracted it in a near enoigh cubist manner almost as one might have expected Picasso to do. The mouth becomes the folded leg of the biomechanised form in the lower centre that looks like a roast turkey on a dish. One could easily be perceive it to be reading too much into it but one knows that Giger can take a face and biomechanise it and I continue to want to look for Oscar's features and noting similarities and because it has been abstracted so much and maybe Giger was looking at a whole range of photos of the man looking for the most interesting features, there perhaps really is no point trying to compare features other than acknowledge the general impression of it all, and I am open to the possibility that it could be someone else's face that Giger decided to use in the painting..

Oscar Wilde Bust (sarony-portrait-1882)

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

b)  Looking for Oscar Wilde's features
Saturday 21st November: I have picked Oscar Wilde out because on November 17th , someone I know who's a film journalist, had just so happened to interview Giger numerous times over the years, has posted a "selfie" photograph of himself with the film director Wes Anderson who looks a bit like Oscar Wilde and then I thought, "okay well Wilde is the person I am thinking about when looking at the image."

Biomechanised eye turned into hand holding a gas pump

 Eye on the left side of a photo of Oscar showing the eye brow to have a straight ridge

 Reversed eye on the ride side of a photo of Oscar

Reverse Oscar Wilde eye with lower eye lid
from right of photo seeming almost straight and flat

slanted oval shape

downward slanting oscar wilde eye.

downward slanting Oscar Wilde eye

The biomechanised roast turkey's leg is where a mouth
would be that might be a trace of a slightly open mouth

Oscar Wilde's mouth partially open

jaw area of Giger painting.

Oscar Wilde's jaw and mouth

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