Eraserhead: A sentence from the bible

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a) Looking to understand that other level

David found that his movie was growing in a certain way, all of these ideas were coming.

He had a feeling about what it was, he understood some of it, but it was just the surface level

Meanwhile it seemed to be talking to him on another level but he didn't know the thing that pulled it all together in terms of what it meant, and so he found himself in a struggle,

b) Looking for a key in the bible

So he went looking for a key to unlock what these sequences were saying in a way that was near enough a form of divining.

One day he got out his bible, opened it, closed his eyes and pointed at different places.

When he opened his eyes, he read a sentence, he thought "forget it, that's the thing" and closed the Bible because that was it.

He saw the thing as a whole, and it fulfilled his vision 100 percent.

c)  No mention of what the sentence was
However what that sentence was, he didn't think he'd ever say.

It may well have been in the Old Testament but he wasn't sure about it.

Source quote
  1. David Lynch: Eraserhead is my most spiritual movie. No one understands when I say that, but it is. Eraserhead was growing in a certain way, and I didn't know what it meant. I was looking for a key to unlock what these sequences were saying. Of course, I understood some of it; but I didn't know the thing that just pulled it all together. And it was a struggle. So I got out my Bible and I started reading. And one day, I read a sentence. And I closed the Bible, because that was it. And then I saw the thing as a whole. And it fulfilled this vision for me, 100 percent.I don't think I'll ever say what that sentence was. (Catching the Big Fish:
  2. David Lynch: A lot of times, I don't know the meaning of the idea, it drives me crazy, I think , you should know the meaning of the ideas, and I think about them, I think about them and I tell this story about my first feature Eraserhead, I did not know what these things meant, and you know really meant, and on that particular film, I started reading the bible, and I was reading the bible going along, and suddenly there was a sentence, and I said forget, that's, this thing, that's this thing, and so, I should know the meaning for me (
  3. METRO: In your book, you mention that Eraserhead came together when you read a Bible verse: was it Old Testament or New Testament?
    LYNCH: Honestly, I don't remember. I read it and shut the book. I think it could be Old Testament. 
  4. On Eraserhead and the Bible.
    I will tell you a story. When you get an idea. Some times a scene will come, and the scene will be abstract. But, for you it may hold a truth. Maybe you do not know the whole thing but the idea is talking to you. You find a meaning inside yourself for that idea. On Eraserhead, all these ideas were coming, and I had a feeling about what it was, I knew the surface level of it, but it seemed to talk to me on another level, but I didn’t know exactly what that was. So, one day I pick up the Bible. I opened it up, I closed my eyes and pointed at different places and when I opened my eyes I read a sentence. I said: this is what it’s all about. (

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