Jack Kirby's flying serpent with holes from Eternals #9 references Giger's work 147

a) Looking for the origins of Kirby's serpent goes back to Giger's felt tip drawing also known as work 147. I noticed this drawing shows a central bow form that had crept into Kirby's Lemurian Train Bomb which I believe was referenced by Giger in Alien Monster IV and then suddenly looking at it again, I thought about the gaping maw above the shape becoming the reptiles head and mouth. 
Then there are the holes to take notice of, including the holes at the far right that would be transformed into a row of ridges
Felt Pen Drawing by Giger (work 147) (1971)

Flying serpent over Olympia. Double paged spread from #9 of The Eternals

row of holes on far right of the Giger picture and corresponding row of ridges. 

Giger's work 147 and Serpents maw

holes in side of tubes from Giger's art and holes in side of Kirby's beast

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