Alien Production Timeline February 1978

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Sunday 5th February 1978
Today is HR Giger's birthday.

Monday 6th February 1978 
Giger received his phonecall from Dan O'Bannon and then called Mia Bonzanigo to tell her that he wants her to be his secretary, (See: "Quit your job, Hollywood just called")

Wednesday 8th February 1978.
Ridley Scott, Gordon Carroll and David Giler meet Giger at his home in Switzerland (See: Ridley, Carroll And Giler visit Giger in Switzerland)

Tuesday 14th February 1978.
Although Ridley Scott would later assume that Giger took the train to England because of concerns over flying, actually Giger takes the plane with a first class seat from Zurich to London to meet Ridley Scott at his offices to discuss the matter further and meet members of the production (Giger flies to london for a meeting at Ridley Scott Associates)

Thursday 23rd February 1978.
Discussion with Scott about the alien design.

Saturday 25th February 1978.
Giger sketches some ideas for the derelict ship

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