HR Giger: Demon (work 413) references
Onyeabor's image from Atomic Bomb album cover?

leading from

a) This seems to be another strange stretch. I looked at Giger's "Demon" (work 513) and became overwhelmed with the idea that somehow this was related to William Onyeabor again.

At the moment it seemed confusing because I was assuming this painting was done in the 1980s because of the numbering but was done back in 1978 (the year of the Alien production).

Atomic Bomb album cover (1978)

b) I looked at the record cover in 1978 for "Atomic Bomb" which I like a lot as a record as well, and noticed that the microphones were stuck in the way of the face and perhaps became the basis of the idea for the deformation of the face and the creature also perhaps has the earphones integrated into the ears. (I'm assuming that Bolaji Badejo must have been the Onyeabor fan). 

c) I expect that there's another source or two of reference for the painting as usual.

Perhaps the face has near enough the general shape of Onyeabor's chin and jowels seen in later photos, but it's not as if Giger was out to make anything particularly obvious

d) Before the painting was catalogue with its own work number, Hypertension by William Onyeabor was released, and oddly looking for a painting that Giger might have used this photograph in brought me to the Demon painting, but since Demon is dated to 1978.

It would be wrong for me to make comparisons between the two photographs other than Onyeabor's facial features which surely can't have changed within the space of a few years, and I would be comparing the chin, the jowels and the eyes

Hypertension 1982

Detail from Hypertension

Images to compare despite this album being released later than the year on the painting

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