Alien: Japanese restaurant perhaps on 55th Street.

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a) Sushi time
Ridley took Sigourney out to dinner, they went to a sushi restaurant perhaps on 55th Street that Sigourney had suggested and had their japanese food.

Perhaps they went with Gordon Carroll and part of the idea was to meet with David Giler, Walter Hill and Boaty Boatwright and they might even have all turned up

7th Avenue and West 55th Street, Manhattan. in Woody Allen's Danny Rose (1980)

b) Mother complex
Ridley walked into the restaurant hand in hand with Sigourney and he felt like a child about to call out for his Mummy and Daddy as he found himself always looking up at her. 

He was five foot eight inches rather than a midget but she was wearing her high heels as well as being near enough six foot.

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Meeting Sigourney in Hollywood

Boaty Boatwright (2005)

Source Quotes
  1. Ridley Scott So I met with Sigourney who walked in and I felt like a (...), I mean she’s like one and a half feet taller than I am and I remember taking her out to dinner, we went to a sushi. I’ll never forget that. We all went and had I think it was Japanese food, it was me and Sigourney and I think, Gordon or was it David. I can’t remember. Two or three people. It’s funny how those things start, you know, then you look back on it now. Sigourney’s got her history and she’s a big star and all that. (report from the interiew for Alien Evolution)
  2. Ridley Scott: At one stage we decided to all have dinner, 'n', in a Japanese restaurant. 

    (8:22 /00:08:35) Sigourney Weaver:Yes, that's right Fifty Fifth Street or something

    (8:23 / 00:08:37) Ridley Scott: Which you suggested, okay

    (8:25 / 00:08:39) Sigourney Weaver: I think it was to meet Walter and David.

    (8:29 / 00:08:42) Ridley Scott: Right.

    (8:29 / 00:08:43) Sigourney Weaver: And Boaty Boatright or something.

    (8:29 / 00:08:45) Ridley Scott: eh, Boaty, there you go. And we were real close to production by now

    (8:34 / 00:08:48) Sigourney Weaver: Yes
    ( Alien commentary from Alien Quadrilogy DVD and Alien Anthology Blu-Ray) 

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