HR Giger: Comparison between Kirby's Lemurian Train Bomb and Giger's Alien Monster IV ?

leading from
  HR Giger: Alien Monster IV
Alien Monster IV loosely references the Lemurian Train Bomb 
a)  Alien (Winged) / Alien Monster IV by H.R.Giger

b) The Lemurian Train Bomb by Jack Kirby for The Eternals
c) The pipe with the grill at the intake runs to the right of the picture and then appears to go down and connect with the bottom of the side of the vehicle. In this image,  the upper grill becomes the shoulder. Giger used this as reference for the arm, but also the eye on the front of the train also becomes the shoulder. There's a grill on the side too that would have become the upper ribcage, The lower part of the chassis with the gold knobs on the side becomes the lower arm and the hand.

d) Here the eye also becomes the shoulder.

e) Notice how the upper curve shapes on the side of the train informs the shape of the upper part of the alien's hand.
f) The lower red curved part of the front of the train transforms into the phallic organism held in the fingers.

g) The rail in the train picture turns into the pipes with eyes and beaks at the bottom. The lower curve of the train becomes the general form of the creature's head, the curved path of the guttering and the phallic organism held in the fingers that might be an egg tube from Giger's concepts for the Egg Silo when it was a separate structure 

h) The emblem becomes used as reference for the pelvis  and the ridge along the front of the leg.

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