Giger's Alien Monster IV references twisted stump of wood hand image from Jack Kirby's The Eternals

leading from

a) twisted stump of wood hand syndrome
In issue 5 of the  Eternals comic books, a character, Kro, the leader of an invading party has his hand turned into wood by the witch named Sersei and it appears that Giger used this as reference for the hand in the centre of his Alien Monster IV painting, but extended the digits to resemble the legs of a Daddy Longlegs

b) Kro's horned head
Perhaps Kro's horns protruding from the head and the curve of helmet reminded Giger of what he was thinking of doing with the curve of the alien monster's head in relation to the horn like tops of the wing/ tentacles, and this inspired him to want to do something with the hand.

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