Alien: Aftermath at the Chestburster dailies

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a) Derek Vanlint runs off to throw up
The following day, they watched the dailies, perhaps it was twenty minutes or fourty minutes
but cinematographer Derek Vanlint, after he watched the rushes, had to rush to the toilet to be sick after watching them. This impressed Ron Shusett very much, he found himself asking the question "God what have we got here?" Derek later complimented Veronica personally by telling her that none of it bothered him until he saw her face, and then he ran off to throw up.

b) Ron Cobb walks into a wall
Ron Cobb watched the footage and saw more than anyone could hope to imagine from the footage of the chest burst, again and again and again from the different cameras positioned at different angles, and then when it was over, he walked off to go leave the place and he found himself walking face first into a wall.

c) Ron Cobb gets into the wrong car
Then as he went to get to his car in the car park, he got into a grey car, but then realisation came that the car he drove there in was red. Ron Shusett found that Ron was mumbling away incoherently "I never thought it would look this much this,, no.. I never"

Source Quote
  1. Ron Cobb: I went to the dailies to watch er, you know forty minutes of this thing bursting out, blood, shot after shot, there were so many camera you know, and erm, it was overwhelming. (Alien Legacy Documentary)
  2. Ron Shusett: Derek Van Lint had to show up, he shot it, he, it was so, on a fifty foot tall screen and it was pretty serious, I mean twenty minutes of the chest burster, and the guts and everything, he actually ran to the toilet, and he ... I was really impressed with that, that was the cinematographer. I said "God, what had we got here". (Alien Legacy Documentary)
  3. Ron Cobb: I was literally, I was you know, watching and watching, you know, we saw so much more than anyone, every shot, you know, again and again and again, and when I walked off, you know, I walked off right into a wall, just walked into a wall. (Alien Legacy Documentary)
  4. Ron Shusett: And Cobb who'd seen it being shot and was part of the crew, he got in, we drove to the screening to look at this. He drove there in his car so, some of just walked, he got into a grey car and his car was red, it wasn't even, he was so shook up, he was getting into an automobile with the wrong colour, it wasn't even the same colour, and he said "I never thought it would look this much this, no... I never" you know he was just mumbling. (Alien Legacy Documentary)
  5. Ron Cobb: And then the next worry is, what are the Fox executives going to say when they see this, you know, they're going to feint. You know, this is like, wait a minute, this is like like pornography, it's so horrible, you know. It was fantastic, it was just fantastic. (Alien Legacy Documentary)
  6. Veronica Cartwright: None of us had any idea of what the hell we were supposed to be uptight about. All Ridley told me was that some blood might splatter. They caught me completely off guard. I just opened my mouth when the blood hit me square in the face.  It was revolting... disgusting. Derek complimented me later by saying none of it bothered him until he saw my face, then he ran off to throw up. (Rolling Stone May 31, 1979, p31)

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