Alien Production Timeline August 1978

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Tuesday 1st August 1978
  1. Eddie finished the Alien feet and gave them to the plaster shop for casting. Patty worked on the six sets of teeth that Clinton gave them for chromium plating. Voysey finished the egg silo jetty and went to the plaster shop to execute the large details himself. The wheel for the cockpit is finished. Giger and Shirley work together on the connecting part between the shoulds and the head of Alien III.
  2. Andrew Ainsworth showed Giger one of the facehugger's metal fingers, and had a method of injecting zinc into a plaster or wax mold and wants to use it as a mold for the fingers of Alien III. He has not finished the mechanized facehugger, and has not even started on the Alien's transparent shell on the head
  3. Watling brought the mechanized head of Alien III to the studio to have the teeth replaced. The revised polyester tongue is in the plaster shop for casting. 
  4. Mia films the plasting of the quarter of the chest tube in the plaster shop and the facehugger in progress in Andrew's studio
Wednesday 2nd August 1978
  1. Alien Chestburster Shoot starts with the filming of the Kane's choking fit and blood spurt. (See: Alien: Kane starts to choke)
  2. Bolaji's statue with detachable arms arrives from the plaster shop. Giger isn't happy with the polyester casts being full of air bubbles and were badly glued together. The Facehugger is still not finished
  3. Giger worked on the model of the Alien Spacecraft for Brian Johnson and on the facial muscles for the Alien III. Visiting Andrew's studio, Giger sees what has happened to his facehugger with two skins on top and he is not happy.
  4. Final revised script from June 1978 up until October 4th 1978 for this day includes script revisions cover scenes 35-43. 60-67, 171 cont-174
Thursday 3rd  August 1978
  1. Filming of scene with the chestburster erupting killing Kane. (See Setting up of the chestburster shot and chestburster scene: false start)
  2. Clinton Cavers blamed the fact that the Alien III was not finished on Giger, and convinces the people at the Dept. Office and it would be best if Giger were kept away from the people in the studio. So they propose to move Giger to the Art. Department. Eddie, Shirley and Patty couldn't work under his supervision and would do a better job without him.
  3. At this point, there is only the tail left to do and Giger is fed up and would rather just go home. He was being accused of being an artist and not enough of a realist to finish the Alien III and he has to be kept away from making changes. The Giger was showed his new studio. 
  4. Yaphet Kotto discovers a box covered in hieractics and hieroglyphs that would open into the form of a key and he would discover objects inside  (See: Yaphet discovers a box)
Friday 4th  August 1978
  1. Mia sets up Giger's studio. Giger painted of the egg silo and the cockpit. 
  2. The climax of the movie is filmed on C stage, which is the chestburster shoot. Roger Dicken was happy. 
  3. Giger lures Scott into Andrew's studio to show him what was happening with the facehugger, that was not to Giger's satisfaction. The skin was too thick and also the Alien III skin was not transparent. Incidently Mia Bonzanigo told a story about how Giger was threatening to go home and so she had to lure Ridley away from the other people to have a person to person chat with Giger to settle the situation and so I wonder if this was incident about luring Ridley into Andrew's studio might have been part of it.  So in Alien Makers 6 the story goes "One day, Giger said, "I want to see Ridley alone at my studio, and if he's not coming alone, I pack my bag and I go home, go and tell that."

     Okay, I went, I went to the stage where Ridley was working and I said "Ridley. now is the moment we have to act otherwise things are going wrong because Giger's very upset, he's very angry and he wants to talk to you alone without the whole people around"

    Ridley took his Walky Talky, gave that to his assistant who was looking liker, er er what are you doing, why are you are you going without me,

    And said "see you at the office" and then took me and we went to Giger's office and Giger wasn't there and so we drunk a sip of cognac and we had a nice chat Ridley and I, and after a while Giger arrived and so they could straighten out the things, the problems, Giger had, and he stayed, But Giger and Ridley, they went on very well together but they had no chance to, Giger was always somehow taken by people and Ridley was taken by people and it was not possible to.
Saturday 5th August 1978
  1. Andrew has wasted 500kg of rubber mix by mixing it with a powder for repelling water that turned it white. Andrew has come up with a metal mold for the hands to cast them as transparent, and Giger is curious. Mia begins to organizes the slide collection. 
  2. The rushes for the chestburster footage are watched , this leads to Derek Vanlint throwing up and Ron Cobb loosing all sense of coordination
Sunday 6th August 1978
  1. Mia finishes organising the slide collection. Giger works on the space craft and the Alien facial muscles.. Patty worked in the car park. Four heads with chromium plated teeth without tongues were finished. Shirly glued on the jaw and sawed off the hinges, forgetting that the teeth on the tongue have to be visible too, and so this had to be changed.
Monday  7th August 1978
  1. Garth and Clinton came to see Giger in his new studio and ask about Andrew. Andrew has made a metal mold for the hands but what he has created is no better than a rubber mould. 
  2. Giger worked on the face and brought it to the plaster shop for casting. Then Giger works on the egg opening to make it different from a vagina. Giger feels not so optimistic about finishing the Alien III. 
  3. Final revised script from June 1978 up until October 4th 1978 for this day includes script revisions cover scenes 151-155
Tuesday 8th  August 1978
  1. Giger works on the Alien arms. Ridley comes over to inspect the samples and invite Giger  to see the rushes.
Wednesday 9th August 1978
  1. Giger does photographic experiments on the three arms of Alien III to the C stage for photographic experiments. He takes a trip to a printer in Surbiton for the Alien book. Walter Bretcher arrives intending to get there at 9am, Mia shows him the stages and the work space and shows him some slides. 
  2. Bolaji Badejo joins Giger for lunch at The Kings Head. 
  3. In the afternoon, Giger watches the rushes from Alien for the shots of the astronauts boarding the derelict and the chestburster in action.
Thursday 10th August 1978
  1. Giger poses for photos by Walter Bretscher who plans to write an article. 
  2. Giger unhappy with Andrew's endless testing wants to go ahead and make the Alien III in latex
  3. Voysey works on the "space jockey" in the alien cockpit (By now he has started to refer it as the Space Jockey.)
  4. Final revised script from June 1978 up until October 4th 1978 for this day includes script revisions covering scene 174
Friday  11th  August 1978
  1. Andrew came up with "wings" for the alien that are transparent but useless because they are lacking in detail. 
  2. Voysey starts working on the egg in the plaster shop

Saturday,  12th  August 1978
  1. Giger worked on lettering for Alien. 
  2. He finds that the alien moulds are in a bad state after what Andrew has done with them
Sunday,  13th  August 1978
  1. Mia reveals that Ridley is discussing the possibility of working on another film with Giger.
  2. Work is being done on a polyester Alien III.  
  3. Giger continues to work on the Alien lettering
Monday,  14th  August 1978
  1. Giger turned in the Alien Hieroglyphs for test filming. 
  2. The are rehearsals in B stage for the Alien III , and the stuntman was pulled up with chains attached to skating boots.

Tuesday  15th  August 1978
  1. Filming the Facehugger in the helmet on the C stage.

Wednesday, 16th  August 1978
  1. Film tests of the hieroglyphic paintings have been completed
  2. The face hugger is filmed on C stage. 
  3. Eddie showed Giger the latex hand and tail of the Alien III in the carpark.
  4. Engine Sections Det- no.2 blueprints are drawn for the Narcissus exterior
Thursday,  17th  August 1978
  1. Situation with the Hieroglyphs reaches a climax (See Placement of Life Cycle Tableau)
  2. Filming of John Hurt as Kane lying in the firmary with the facehugger over his face. 
17th August 1978

Friday,  18th  August 1978
  1. Giger receives the lower body and tail from the plaster shop .
  2. Voysey and his people begin to create the space jockey's cockpit in Styrofoam. 
  3. In the carpark the alien stunt costume is being tinkered with. 
  4. Andrew received £1000 for his work that was not enough to cover his expenses and so he threatens not to finish the transparent shell on the Alien head
Saturday,  19th  August 1978
  1. Giger coloured the alien egg black and received the Alien III from the plaster shop to paint black watched television for seven straight hours

Sunday,  20th  August 1978
  1. Giger spent the day modelling the alien III with Patty. Patty informs him that they didn't they didn't have any time for them left at the plaster shop
Monday,  21st  August 1978
  1. Carlo Rambaldi and his crew arrive with the heads that resemble ape face. 
  2. Mia is coming back from Zurich. 
  3. Andrew finally created some usable alien parts but Garth and Carroll can not be convinced and will not believe any more of Andrew's promises. 
  4. The stuntman costume does not please Giger
Tuesday,  22nd  August 1978
  1. Mia photographed Carlo Rambaldi in the A stage and the H stage.
  2. Giger received the contact prints of Bob Penn

Wednesday,  23rd August 1978

Thursday,  24th August 1978

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Sunday  27th August 1978

Monday  28th August 1978

Tuwasay 29th August 1978

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